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At Fitness Revolution our 121 Personal Training is bespoke to each individual to ensure you achieve your goals. You will benefit from dedicated one to one sessions, creating a unique bond with your personal trainer allowing you to focus on results!

We conduct an initial consultation and assessment, taking into account current fitness, limitations and nutrition to create a regime specifically tailored for you. You are then given a bespoke program of health and fitness development, including training within the gym and outside your sessions, nutrition and lifestyle plus our outstanding support service.

Our 121 training packages integrate a wide range of methods to keep your body and mind challenged, including strength, cardiovascular, endurance, mobility and stretching sessions. Our plans are designed to be challenging to help you progress through your fitness development ensuring you become not just leaner, but stronger, more flexible and agile.

Start Your Journey

Our 121 Personal Training program is for those wanting a more personal approach, whatever your personal goals are we ensure your bespoke program fits into your lifestyle to ensure you achieve your goals. We cater to individual needs and requirements to ensure whether you’re a business man with a highly stressful job or a busy mum of three coming to us for the first time your entire session is devoted to you.


  • 3 sessions every week
  • Personalised body fat assessment every two weeks
  • Bespoke nutrition program
  • Contact and support in our private members area
  • Workouts designed specifically for your goals
  • Dumbbells, kettlebell, barbells, strongman/girl equipment, cardio conditioning
  • Morning and evening courses available

Fitness Revolution

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