7 Weight Training Lies Every Woman Should Know

7 With so much advice in magazines and on the internet – it’s difficult for women to know exactly what to do to burn fat and improve their shape.

You only need to look as far as the latest exercise craze or fad diet for yet another instant magic weight loss solution!

However slowly but surely there is more and more sound advice been given on what it takes for a women to really transform her body.

Here at Fitness Revolution we focus solely on body transformations and our tool of choice (because it’s by far the most effective) is weight training. Nothing else comes close when it comes to helping women drop fat and get incredibly toned!

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Despite more women beginning to use weights many of the same old misconceptions are still wildly popular..

Maybe you have heard of some of these before?:

  • “Lifting weights will make you big and bulky”
  • “Light weights & High repetitions is what tones you up”
  • “The best way to burn fat is do cardio”

Here a few of the main myths I hear from clients when I tell them we will be lifting weights to radically transform their bodies in just 12 weeks!

Myth #1 “If I lift weights I’Il get big and bulky?”

If you’ve seen any of our client transformations, you’ll see that our ladies aren’t turning into the incredible hulk over the course of 12 weeks.

When you see female bodybuilders with huge muscles and bulging veins, it’s easy to see why you may think that weight training can make you big and bulky.

Truth # 1

But the truth is that unless women take a cart load of steroids they will never look like a female bodybuilder. Its physically impossible for this to happen!

You see, women have way less testosterone (a muscle building hormone) than men about 10-20x less in fact.. Without testosterone is very very difficult for women to build a lot of muscle.

Female bodybuilders who are ‘mahoosive’ – generally inject testosterone along with other steroids like human growth hormone to get so big.

What women will find is – that lifting weights, along with good nutrition it is the key to a very ‘toned’ body (more on this in a moment)

Myth #2 – Women Can Tone Up

“Will I get more toned if I lift weights?”


Hold on a second I hear your proclaim, in the last paragraph you said I would get more toned if I lifted weights!

You need to get your head around this…

You can’t tone, tighten or shape up muscles!

A muscles shape is its shape – you can only make it bigger or smaller – but you can’t really change its shape or tighten or tone it..

When you see women, who look amazing, they all did just two things..

  1. They gained muscle
  2. They Lost fat

These two things combined are what gives the appearance of being ‘toned’

So if you want to look ‘toned’ – Make adding muscle and dropping fat your No 1 priority.

Myth #3 – The best way to get ‘toned’ and avoid getting bulky is to lift light weights and do high reps.

Truth #4

A fundamental of changing your body is something called progressive overload.. You have to force the muscles to do more and more if you want them to change..

Lifting baby weights will not provide sufficient stimulus for change

Week on week you need to see your weights increasing.. You need to add more weight to the bar.. This is critical if you want to see changes in your body.

In terms of reps – stick to 5-20 reps (depending on the exercise and muscle group worked)

Myth #5 – You can spot reduce

I see women all the time doing hundreds of crunches thinking they will burn off fat and produce an amazing midsection ..

Just as I see women doing bum exercises hoping it’s going to burn fat of their bums!

Nope – You can’t spot reduce – the kcals burned during that exercise will come off everywhere!

Truth #5

Where you carry your fat is determined primarily by your genes.

You will have areas that are more stubborn than other areas, this will be that last place that it just never seems to come off..

No amount of a specific exercise will change that.. (Unless that exercise burns a ton of fat)

The only way to get rid of fat in those areas is to continue to eat & train for further fat loss!

Sorry – No magic pills here 🙂

So my advice if you have fat to burn – don’t waste your time with crunches etc – focus on exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck and burn the most kcals

Don’t worry I’ll cover this in more depth next!

Myth #6 – Women should train differently to men

Truth #6

If you walk into any body building gym in the world – you will see men bench pressing, squatting, barbell rowing, doing pull ups, shoulder pressing etc etc..

All movements that use many muscle groups and require your body to work hard!

If you want to get the most from your workouts – you should do the same.. Focus on compound movements – that is movements that use multiple joints and muscle groups.

Here are a few upper body exercises:

  • Bench or DB press
  • Shoulder press
  • Seated row
  • Pulls ups

Here are a few leg exercises

  • Squat
  • Deadlift (straight and bent leg)
  • Glute / Ham Raises
  • Lunges

Learn to do these exercises properly and seek advice on how many sets, reps rest etc you should do from a qualified coach for optimal results.

Myth #7 – Cardio is KING when it comes to losing fat

Truth #7

Take a look in any gym and you will generally find the weights room is full of guys and the cardio room / section is full of women!

To create a head turning transformation – it must be the other way around..

You need to focus on lifting weights as your primary training method – remember that the key to a head turning body is more muscles and less fat..

We build muscle with weights and ramp up your metabolism for more fat burning from all the increased muscle you have! -Its a win win!!

If you have never experienced ‘cardio’ from lifting weights, I guarantee you have never lifted hard enough – you will get a good sweat on and burn kcals lifting weights (although that’s not why we do it)

Cardio should only be a used to top up your energy expenditure.

For most women – training hard with weights and improving their diet will be enough to get them started..

Your next step is to ensure you are hitting basic activity goals – we have our clients aim for 10,000 steps a day..

Only then do we start to look to add in some cardio..

I’ll be doing a whole blog post just on this subject so keep an eye out for that 🙂