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At Fitness Revolution, we are proud of the strong team of individuals that we have assembled, ensuring that all of our clients are looked after and cared for. Our expert team is always on hand to assist you in anything you may need in your journey with us.

A family atmosphere is very important to us, and you could not find anywhere this is more present than in the Fitness Revolution Team.

Fitness revolution is not a conventional gym.. at Fitness revolution you wont find any treadmills, x trainers or instructors who want to sit around and chat … our instructors are there to help our members achieve their goals !!

Fitness Revolution is a coaching facility specialising in coaching people who want to lose weight, tone up, get fitter and improve their general health!!

Our studio gym provides every member with workouts that are coached by our highly qualified trainers. Every workout is customisable to accommodate every ability, goal and even work around problem areas!

Nutritional support is a big part of changing your lifestyle and accomplishing your goals, we offer customised nutrition programs built around your life.

Currently we offer classes and personal training sessions both of which are offered Morning and Evening with flexibility for those who work shifts.

We also run mindset and motivation workshops, nutrition seminars to help our customers become clear on their goals and help them stay focused to achieve these.

All of our clients have regular assessments to keep them focused, we do regular measurements, body fat testing and fitness testing to ensure our clients are always progressing.

We also have regular events such as mountain climbing, hike and bike, Coast to Coast, Tough Mudder, GNR where our clients get together either for fun or to support a local charity!

Fitness Revolution is located in Spennymoor, our main entrance is on the High Street in the heart of the town.  The entrance to the Personal Training Studio is located at the rear of the building adjacent to the large car park which serves Aldi.

Fitness Revolution

26 High Street, Spennymoor, Co. Durham. DL16 6DB

01388 811616


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