Enjoy Life!

Every time I want to eat out, be social, go to a wedding or even a holiday, I stress !! How can I diet and live without losing my mind?

It is a commonly held belief that fitness and nutrition are black and white, healthy eating is stressful perfection – no one is perfect.

The healthiest diet plans and most effective nutrition strategies are not about superfoods, scapegoats, or supplements. Consistency, sustainability, and patience are the foundations of a good plan and prevent failure! Any diet and fitness plan should be built to withstand days off, evenings out and family events!

This applies year-round, but it is especially important during the summer holiday season where many people that work hard throughout the year blow it all in a week or two!

Let’s look at what’s important!!


Enjoying Life!

Finding the right situations to eat the food you love!

Not stressing over a missed fitness session

So… if you are having an evening out, a family event… eat however you please!

Changing your life for the better does not mean leaving out all the fun things! Add the good, remove the bad including ridiculous faddy diets you can’t adhere to and workouts that aren’t fun!!

Train hard, passionately and relentlessly, if you miss a day – don’t beat yourself up! No one is perfect and having fun, enjoying life and making memories will last longer than any workout!

However you still have to be committed to your goals!! Maintain healthy eating and regular training !!

Focus on your mindset to establish balance and peace of mind! Less stress can improve your focus, meaning better consistency, improved training sessions and better nutrition.

Start on an area you find hard – such as eating carbs – and find a realistic approach that will work for you … use your judgement on what’s important to you and get rid of the stressing !

It might take you longer to reach your goals, but there is enough stress in life without adding to it !