How do you avoid missing workouts – sometimes missing a workout is beyond your control but others are missed because you make excuses NOT to work out, tiredness, working late, too hot.


Avoid the excuses – remember why you began to work out – does it still apply? If your ‘why’ is strong enough you this will push to work out when you don’t feel like it!! If all else fails just do the workout even if you’re ‘too tired’ usually once you start your motivation kicks in and you will be glad you started!!

Tap your natural motivations – some people use visual triggers, when they wake up every morning the first thing they see are a set of workout clothes and a pair of trainers… in plain sight right beside the bed – perhaps a pair of skipping ropes hanging on the door which you can see whilst in the bathroom – your gym bag strategically placed by the door so you get a wakeup call to your brain to exercise constantly triggered by the visual cues you see.

Make exercise part of your daily routine – like brushing your teeth – putting your make up on, taking a shower or even watching the news!! These are some of the things we all do every day without thinking about it – an automatic response – this is how you should approach exercise – YOU JUST DO IT!


If you like running, walking or biking – why not turn your journey to or from work or part of it into a workout – if you stuff your essentials into a backpack and jog, walk or bike home or part of the way home then you are not carving out another part of your day for exercise, you are being time-efficient !!.

Make small changes to your daily life – take the stairs instead of the lift – get up off your chair and walk around the office whilst on the phone – take a walk at lunchtime

Invest in workout clothes –having the right clothing reinforces your identity as someone who workouts, it’s not optional its part of your life – like the pair of boots you wear to go walking, or the swimsuit you use to lie on the beach and get a tan. Get some flattering workout clothes! Stock up on at least a week’s work of gym clothes so you can’t use the excuse you don’t have anything clean – looks for basics that are comfy and show off your assets, legs, shoulders or abs so you feel good when you ‘suit up’bike to work

Start posting on Facebook whether you check into a gym to train, a sweaty selfie or post your own exercise routine you have done at home – at first you will get some congratulations comments and then the people who comment will become your biggest supporters in your fitness journey – with the potential of all your online contacts holding you accountable – use all the tools you have to keep you motivated!!

Help yourself – make friends!! Engage with other customers in your favourite classes – it’s amazing the support you can get from your extended gym family – plus your friends will miss you and ask why you didn’t attend if you miss a class or two. You never know you may even inspire some of your followers to follow suit!!

Challenge your friends – have short contest e.g. most steps walked, classes attended at the gym, pounds lost, inches lost to keep each other motivated for short periods e.g. 6 weeks. This turns a solitary pursuit into a fun group one, by trying to beat one another you are actually pulling each other along.. Keep the groups small e.g. 4-8 of you with weekly check-ins to see how everyone is getting on with the challenge and you each put a couple of pounds in a jar with the winner taking all at the end of the challenge – agree the rules and let the fun begin!!

Do it for a charity –inspire yourself to stick to your fitness goals to get fit for an event such as a marathon, Tough Mudder, even a 5k walk – the GNR and raise money for a local charity which is close to your heart