How To Survive Christmas

Christmas is coming!! Having had a year where you have eaten consistently well, trained hard and been hitting your goals it’s time to enjoy yourself a little

But…… you don’t want to undo all the hard work, so allow yourself some of the enjoyment but stay on the right side of the track…. most of the time!!

Breakfast is important!! Start every day with a nutritious protein enriched breakfast, this will help to stabilise your blood sugar levels and control your appetite.

A sure fire way to undo you’re hard work is a buffet, filled with tempting foods that somehow find their way onto your plate and once the plate is empty it magically refills !!

Consider having a snack or a healthy meal before you go out and ensure your meal includes high fat such as salmon or avocado to line your stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol, this will also keep you from being tempted to over- indulge on the unhealthy party food!!

If you really don’t want to eat a meal before you go out or don’t have time, have a protein shake and some nuts as a snack, this is a great way to stabilise your blood sugar and help keep cravings under control.

Skipping food so you can save the calories for a drink or two is not a good idea, it can lead to binging!! Alcohol supplies empty calories so not eating is depriving your body of the necessary nutrients to detoxify the alcohol from your system.   Stick to one type of drink and try to only have one an hour, have a glass of water between each one to keep yourself hydrated and lessen the chances of a hangover.

Ensure you have plenty of foods in the cupboard that will combat the effects of your ‘party’ such as eggs, fish and avocado which are high in vitamin B which help to provide energy that’s been depleted by alcohol, strengthen your immune system with zinc, found in lamb and turkey.  Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts these help support your liver function, including processing that alcohol.

When eating your Christmas lunch eat your turkey / meat first, the protein will start to fill you up, then eat your vegetables so by the time you get to the carb heavy potatoes you’ll find it much easier to eat less!!

We all know how busy we become over the festive period, family get togethers, works night out, meeting up with friends, bringing in the New Year, however you should make time to train, this will help to keep your metabolism ticking over and work off any of those extra calories – set aside 30 mins every day to do something active, even if it’s a fast paced walk, or some hill sprints, plan on being active every day for 30 minutes!!

Don’t punish yourself!! Allow yourself some small indulgences, but keep your eyes on healthy eating and don’t let one day off turn into a week or two!  Just remember a night or two of a few drinks is all well and good, but heavy drinking every night can quickly undo your good intentions and a lot of your hard work