IIFYM – Flexible Dieting

IF It Fits Your Macro’s

Flexible eating is hitting the fitness world by storm as it allows followers to have a wide variety of foods without the guilt or frustration. Instead of the traditional restriction based diet, (think broccoli and chicken) you can have a wide variety of food in theory as long as you stay within your macronutrients.

Is it fool proof? No

Can it help you stick to a long term plan without jumping on and off a diet? Yes and it works extremely well for a lot of people.

However you must have a higher understanding of the key nutritional points of macro nutrients or it can be done very wrong.

Now let me explain, there are 3 main macro nutrients (macro’s for short) Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. So instead of counting calorie’s your aim is to reach your own specific macro goal; when done correctly the possibilities are endless and can be tailored to each individual.

At first glance it may appear complicated but once you get the basics in place and choose quality sources of the macronutrients, you can tailor it to your own goals, tastes and lifestyle.

There is really no wrong macro split, it just depends on what works for you.

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So as long as your calories are in a surplus for muscle gain and a deficit for weight loss, progress should be made in the right direction. Depending on how you split your macro’s will determine how quickly you reach your goals, how you feel and how you perform on your transformation journey.

There are many differences between traditional dieting and IIFYM approach but ultimately the old school method may work in the short term but when you deprive yourself too much, eventually, usually only after a couple of weeks (if that), you have a ‘to hell with it’ moment.

This will lead to a huge binge and before long your back to where you started or heavier, and the Yo Yo cycle continues. L

Things to watch out for

  • Now you can have treats and snacks built into your plan but you still need your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, so be sure to eat plenty vegetables and a bit of fruit. All too often newbies to the IIFYM will go for biscuits over broccoli to often and nutritionally this has an impact on their body and results.
  • Also people need to watch out for poor quality protein and ensure they are eating complete proteins over incomplete proteins. All meats are a complete protein. Combining things like beans with rice or beans on whole wheat toast will also make up a complete protein.