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Before I started at Fitness Revolution I hated the image that I saw in the mirror!! Over the years i have tried various gyms, aerobic classes but nothing has held my interest until Fitness Revolution! After 21 weeks I lost 3 stones, dropped 4 dress sizes and lost over 49 inches!! I am the fittest I have been in a I LOVE the new me! and I can’t thank Dave, James, Mark & Steven for having the belief in me and giving me the tools to totally change my life. My only regret…… I wish I had found Fitness Revolution sooner!

Before I started at Fitness Revolution I was always feeling tired and low on energy!

Starting this program I have gained more confidence in myself, I have lost 3 Stones which has given me a big boost in confidence.

I have noticed my fitness levels dramatically rise and the change in my body has made me a lot happier in myself.

I have also started jogging which i do as well as attending bootcamp. My diet has changed and I make sure I get my 5-a-day and eat healthy meals!

Before I started at Fitness Revolution I was feeling a bit lost. There were so many diet plans everywhere, all boasting to be the best, I’d try them and then fail miserably. I’d managed to lose a little bit of weight but then the weight loss just stopped and I was struggling with what to do next!!

I wasn’t happy in myself; I was incredibly self-conscious and just generally unhappy about the way I looked. I felt awful in all my clothes, going shopping was a nightmare because I thought I looked horrible in everything I tried on and I just didn’t like myself at all!!

Bootcamp sessions are so much fun !!! The coaches are fabulous at what they do, they keep us motivated and everyone who goes to bootcamp is lovely. Fitness Revolution is definitely the best bootcamp I have ever been to !!!!!

Before starting bootcamp I felt really unfit, my confidence and self esteem were very low, my clothes didn’t fit and I hated getting my photograph taken!!

I have dropped 3 jean sizes !!! I feel healthy, my confidence has rocketed, and I even get the odd photograph taken. People have started commenting on how good I look which is great!!div>

I train 3 times a week and take long walks on my day off, I even do the occasional training session at home!

My diet has changed and I eat a lot off meat and vegetables, staying away from carbohydrates and drinking lots of water.

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