What’s the BEST Diet?

With so many different diets available how do you know which is the best diet to follow?

Low Carb
High Fat
Low Fat
Clean eating

The list goes on and on!!

So which is the best diet if you are looking to lose body fat?
Here is the truth… Are you ready for it..
The best diet is..
The one that suits YOU the best!
The best diet for YOU in the diet that allows you to be most consistent..
Because without consistency ALL diets fail!!
So when choosing the right diet – here are a list of factors you should consider.

Could you follow the diet forever?

I often speak with clients who have been following some crazy shake or juice fast diet prior to coming to us..
People who start these types of diets in the majority of cases rebound straight back to their old weight
So the first test is to always to ask – could I eat this way forever? If the answer is no – don’t start it in the first place!
Sure nutrition plans can and often should have various phases to create a desired effect, but in my opinion – if the nutrition plan does not contain real food – DON’T START IT!

Do you enjoy the foods on the plan?

If you are constantly having to force down foods that you don’t enjoy – do you realistically think that you are going to stick with that diet long term? It is highly unlikely..
If you enjoy carbs – choose a nutrition plan that allows carbs!
If you love meat – opt for a higher protein based diet!
I recently started on a higher fat diet. I was really surprised at just how much more I enjoyed my food with the additional fat in..
I LOVE Thai food and now enjoy Thai food almost every day including full fat creamy curries!
My energy is through the roof, my cravings for sugar have disappeared and I’m dropping around 1% of body fat per week!
Plus and perhaps best of all – I don’t feel like I’m on a diet because I chose a plan that suited me!

3) Does the diet work with your life?

If you have a crazy busy life but have to spend hours a day prepping your food – it’s going to be challenging! – So maybe you need a diet that is super quick and easy to prepare!
Do you work long hours and struggle to sit down to eat? Maybe you need a diet that you can eat on the fly?
Are you in a new relationship and know that there will be a good amount of wining and dining? If so you need to be able to ‘throttle’ your kcals back and allow an allowance for these higher kcal meals!
There are many more examples – but helping you find the correct approach for you and your lifestyle is a HUGE factor in helping you get long-term success!

Will the plan allow you to get to your goals?

If you have set your goal to stand on a stage and be ripped at 7% body fat not all nutrition plans will get you there..
You will not get to 7% body fat if you want to be able to have 2-3 cheat meals per week and party hard all weekend!
However if your goal is the drop a few stones and come in at normal body fat levels then a nutrition plan that allows you downtime every week will do the job just fine!
Another point to note is – are you seeing results?
If you are looking to drop body fat but week after week you see no change, then its highly likely you will become unmotivated and lose your way..
Be sure to get the right nutrition plan for the job!

Accountability and Coaching

The final piece of the jigsaw when it comes to dieting is accountability and coaching..

Accountability ensures you are doing what you should be doing!
If you have ever been to a slimming club – standing on the scales in front of all the other people in the club is a form of accountability (Not a very good one in my opinion but a form of accountability all the same!)
We hold clients accountable in many ways – we do regular assessments and give them targets to hit, we put them into accountability groups with other clients so they can help keep each other on track and even ask them to send daily photographs of their food until they become consistent with eating correctly
In addition to accountability we coach our clients on their nutrition plans – this feedback allows them to quickly change nutrition habits that may be slowing them down or halting their progress..

We also now offer a full year long nutrition only online coaching programme!

If you would like to find out more about our personal training programmes please complete the form below and one of our friendly transformation coaches will be in touch!