Why Women Should Weight Train

To reduce body fat and improve your shape – pick up some weights!

Ladies, if you spend hours at the gym on machines such as a treadmill or endless hours doing cardio classes in an effort to lose weight and reach your fitness goals, consider adding weight training into your fitness program in order to slim down, lose stored fat and develop a more shapely and healthy figure.

While cardio training improves circulation and builds a stronger heart and lungs, over time, its ability to burn calories and stored body fat wanes, your body adapts to training and the demands you place on it. Each time you run, row or swim, your body becomes more efficient, completing your training session but burning fewer calories.

Consider reducing your cardio training to 20 or 30 minute sessions followed by 20-30 minutes of resistance training to literally fire up your metabolism and burn layers of stored fat. Alternatively opt for shorter cardio sessions 3 days a week and add weight training on alternate days. Not only will you burn more body fat, but weight training will leave you with toned, lean and sexy feminine muscles. Don’t believe the old stories and myths, moderate weight training will NOT cause you to “bulk up” or present a masculine appearance.

Another myth to dispel, you cannot turn fat into muscle, exercise reduces the amount of lipids (liquid fats) with fat cells and shrinks them, continuing to exercise will fill the void left by shrinking fat cells with healthy lean muscle tissue, leaving you stronger, leaner and more defined from the toned muscles beneath your skin.

Most women focus on going to the gym to burn calories. When you weight train if you focus on tracking your performance and constantly improving your performance it’s the best way to build a body you truly want.  It is fun and motivating and no matter what goals you set; as you improve your performance fat loss becomes an incredible side effect!

There are many benefits to lifting weights beyond body fat reduction and increased lean muscle including:

Improved balance and strength – you can tailor your training to build and develop your weaknesses and choose specific exercises for specific muscle groups, shoulder exercises for stronger broader shoulders, or arm exercises to tighten those bingo wings or build your upper arms.

Bone strength – weight training builds strong bones and increases bone density and help prevent or delay osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Increased metabolism – maintaining muscle tissue requires more energy and calories than maintaining fat, if you decrease your fat and increase lean muscle, your body will use an additional 35-50 calories each day to support each pound of new lean muscle – 5 pounds of new muscle could burn up 250 calories every day. That’s a loss of one pound every two weeks or about 25 pounds lost over the course of a year with no additional effort.

Increased strength and stamina – you’ll be stronger and able to do everything your day requires a little easier. Loading groceries and kids into the car, lifting, climbing stairs, even rising from your chair will be easier.

Increased confidence – weight training will leave you leaner, healthier and happier. Your body and core will be strong, helping you to stand taller and straighter, you’ll be more confident and willing to tackle new challenges.

We would all like to feel confident in everything we do, from fitting into our clothes, moving a piece of furniture, playing with our kids or dealing with the stress of our jobs.  Weight training can benefit all aspects of our lives, so put it in YOUR fitness plan and feel healthier, stronger and more confident!!